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Fishing is an activity that most of us love to indulge in. Waiting for a long time and catching a fish is a blissful experience. Most of us would have gone fishing in freshwater bodies and would have enjoyed it. Very few would have had a fishing experience of ocean fishing and winter wishing. Ener fishing offers you the best fishing experience.

ENER Fishing Trips

Ener Fish organizes fishing trips every week. Our fishing trips are perfectly planned and well organized. We carry all the safety equipment with us, and we have experienced and certified swimmers. Enjoy our fishing trips and have an unforgettable experience.


When it comes to fishing, Ener Fishing will definitely stand out from the rest. We make sure that we provide that best services for our clients. Our services include winter fishing, lake fishing, and river fishing.

Winter Fishing

Lake Fishing

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Why Choose Us

Ener fishing is unique in its own way. We have been here in this industry from nearly two decades. Our experience is something that cannot be matched by anyone else. Our experienced experts and talented swimmers make sure that every trip that we offer is completely safe.

Hotel Pickup

When you have booked a fishing trip, remember that you booked a whole package. Our packages are inclusive of hotel pickups. We want to make sure that your fishing trip experience is worth remembering and hassle-free. So get down from the hotel, get into our car and get dropped in the boarding point.

24*7 Service

We work round the clock. Not many who offer fishing trips work during the nights. We are one of the very few who provide fishing trips all day. Choose the time you are comfortable with and book our services. At any point of the day, we will be ready to provide our best services.

Speed Boat Facilities

Ener Fish has a wide range of boats that you can choose from. Our speedboat needs a special mention at this point. No other service provider in the locality has speedboat under their list. Book a speedboat and enjoy every moment of it.

Skilled Boat Drivers

Ener Fishing has some of the best boat drivers in the country. They are dedicated and talented. Most of our boat drivers have 10+ years of experience. From the day we started Ener fish has no records of boat accidents or onboard injuries.

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What Our Clients Say

Here is the testimony from our client that shows how capable and how dedicated we are. It also highlights that we do not compromise on quality at any cost.

My friends and I decided to go on a fishing trip. One of them suggested the name Ener Fishing. I thought they were yet another fishing trip organizers. But everything was different with them. The staffs were so friendly and gave us every instruction politely. The trip was a great experience and something that I will cherish forever.
Howard Chavez

Our perspectives

Types of fishing reels – ENER Fish Guide 101

People who indulge in occasional fishing would have a clear idea about the functioning of a fishing reel. There are different types of fishing reels. Each fishing reel is used for different fishing situations. There are good possibilities that many might think what could be different situations when it comes to catching a fish.  The various types of fishing reels are designed to meet the needs of different circumstances. Here are the different types of fishing reels.

Spin cast Reel

Most of us would have come across spin cast reels. It is something that we used as a child to catch fish. The functioning of the reel is very simple, and it is easy to use. It is the ideal choice for first-timers. It costs decidedly less when compared to the rest of the reels in the market. It is the predominant choice for children and casual fishers.

Even though the spin cast reel has a lot of advantages, there are also disadvantages. The spin cast reel is very small when it comes to the length. It is impossible to cast long distances, and it is difficult to catch big fishes.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting Reels are the most preferred ones for many people. The bait casting reels has a lot of advantages to it. There are no complications of twists in these reels. You can absolutely feel the flow of the string during the release. These reels have high power and can have the capability to cover a great distance.

There are lightweight versions available in the market that is easy to use. With these reels, you can have total control, and you can be more accurate. The only negative that you can find in baitcasting reel is that it takes some time to get used to it.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are the ones that are used by more than forty percent of the people. There is always a constant competition between spinning reels and bait casting spinning reels. This is the type if spinning reel that would suit for both freshwater fishing and beach fishing. It has a very straightforward setup and is very easy to use.  If you willing to take your fishing activity to the next level this would be a perfect choice.

Shimano and Daiwa are two of the more prominent brands when it comes to spinning reels. If you have a look at some of the best Shimano spinning reels and then compare with the Daiwa spinning reel, they have very similar components and functionality.  

The predominant choices

When it comes to fishing reels, there are two predominant choices among the people the first one is Slammer 3 spinning reel and the second one is Shimano Stradic C14+2500.

Slammer 3 spinning reel

The slammer three spinning reel is the kind of fishing reel that is exclusively designed and manufactured for heavy duty fishing. Most of these have reinforced alloy body with CNC gear technology. The 7+1 stainless steel bearing system provides all the strength to get your hands on heavy fishes. The sizes 3500-5500 are equipped with automatic ball trip.  The sizes 6500-10500 have manual ball trip.

Shimano Stradic C14 + 2500

The Shimano Stradic C14 + 2500 is the updated version of Stradic C14. It lighter and is more advanced. The usage of Magnumlite rotor has reduced the weight of Shimano Stradic C14 + 2500 up to 6.7 ounces. It increases the retrieval performance and the line lay. The retrieval process is almost flawless with the seven pack bearings. It is perfectly designed to exceed the expectations.